About Royal Cyn

Royal Collage

Royal Cyn Hair is New Yorks Hottest New Virgin Hair Company.

Royal Cyn Hair was a vision created by Cynthia Williams. Growing up in New York City, one of the Meccas for Virgin hair.

Cynthia got tired of constantly searching for the best virgin hair around. Just like you, Cynthia loved wearing a good weave but after a while settling for good just wasn’t enough.

The quote “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself” rung true to Cynthia. After experiencing wearing weaves with matting, tangles and massive shedding, Cynthia knew exactly what she needed to do to make sure none of her customers ever experienced those problems while wearing Royal Cyn Hair.

After years of researching, testing and creating, Royal Cyn was born and has been unstoppable every since.

Each bundle has gone through various tests in order to ensure that the hair was made perfectly to suit the queen in you.

Not only are our bundles unique and complex. Royal Cyn’s customer service is THE MOST TALKED ABOUT. You’ll just have to see for yourself. We provide the option of unique custom colors, cuts, wigs and curl patterns (such as kinky, pin curl, etc).

If you’re a new customer, welcome to the Royal Cyn family. After one wear of our Cynful bundles it’s guaranteed that you’ll keep coming back for more!